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Atlantic Salmon


Atlantic Salmon look similar in body shape to that of the brown trout, however with a slightly more slender body and smaller head. It also has a more forked tail and more silvery colouration. Native fish have a dark green or blue green back with silver sides. As it enters the inland waters it turns more bronze colour or dark brown. Landlocked fish (as in Australia) lack the silver colouration of the native fish found overseas. In its native habitat the Atlantic Salmon can grow as large as nearly 30 kgs.


The Atlantic Salmon is native to the northern Atlantic from Connecticut River to Quebec, Iceland and southern Greenland. It also occurs naturally from the Arctic Circle to Portugal. It has been introduced into lakes and rivers worldwide. In Australia it has been introduced with limited success in some rivers, lakes and dams in Southern New South Wales. Mainly confined to Monaro, Lake Jindabyne and Thredbo River.

Also Known As

Landlocked Salmon; Ouananiche; Kennebec Salmon; Sebago Salmon; Black Salmon; Frilse; Kelt Grayling; Smolt; Parr; Slink.

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