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The Barramundi can vary from quite brown or green looking in freshwater to a beautiful silver in the salt. However most commonly a bluish-grey on the upper body and silver below with yellow on the caudal fin. Has a large mouth and typical perch look about it. They can grow up towards 50kgs however specimens over 20kg are worth boasting about. In the last few years impoundment Barramundi are reaching enormous sizes.


Barramundi is found right around the top of Australia from the mid QLD coast in the east around to the top of WA. They are found in both fresh and salt water. They can be offshore around heads, right up to the top reaches of rivers and creeks. Most angling takes place around the mouths of big tidal rivers during the run off season. Now stocked also in many dams throughout Queensland.

Also Known As

Barra; Giant Perch; Palmer Perch

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