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Estuary Cod is a typical cod shaped fish of the tropics and temperate waters with the normal large mouth associated with tropical cod species. It is a greyish brown fading to a cream or dull white belly. It has orange spots. It is often confused with the Groper of the reefs however is only vaguely mottled in dark brown where as the estuary cod has distinctive spots and 5 almost vertical bars running down its body. It can reach lengths of 1.6 meters and weigh in excess of 100 kgs.


Estuary Cod are found from Tropical Australia down to the Central Coast of New South Wales and down to Rottnest Island in Western Australia. As the name suggests they frequently reside in Estuaries, particularly around river mouths, jetties, rock bars and heavy mangrove roots and other such structure.

Also Known As

Orange Spotted Cod; Spotted Cod; Brown Spotted Cod; Estuary Rock Cod

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